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Aesthetic-plastic surgery

Cosmetic surgery has reinvented itself!

Would you also like to make your appearance more harmonious and attractive?

We can offer you the following surgical procedures in the body and face area in our practice for aesthetic surgery:


Time leaves its mark, and with it deep wrinkles and a sagging facial contour. Gravity and small lifestyle sins do the rest.

If non-surgical methods are unsuccessful, a face lift can help - optionally with a neck lift and eyebrow lift. Look forward to a fresh radiance, an open look and a younger, harmonious appearance!


Actually, you feel top fit and full of life, but your eyes signal the opposite? This is often due to drooping of the eyelids. This can make you look tired and exhausted.

Eyelid correction is the remedy. This procedure is the most common in aesthetic surgery and is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. After the surgery your eyes will look younger, your gaze will be more open and your eyes will shine again.


Especially children and teenagers with protruding ears or other deformities of the ear suffer extremely. Unwanted attention and teasing bring inferiority complexes and shame.

The good news is that even a minor procedure is enough to achieve excellent results! Ear correction is a relatively uncomplicated procedure, is performed under local anesthesia and brings a new, better quality of life.


Sometimes sports and diets no longer work. Then liposuction is an option. With the help of liposuction, you can get rid of unwanted fat deposits, for example in the abdominal region, on the back, at the waist (keyword "life rings"), on the upper arm or thigh. Cellulite can also be reduced with the help of liposuction. Liposuction gives you harmonious body proportions and new aesthetics.


The Brazlian butt lift is a buttocks augmentation without implants. The patient's own fat is used as a natural filler.

The procedure consists of two steps: First, liposuction is performed, then the extracted fat is inserted into the buttock area. The result can be seen: a round, firm and full buttocks!


Factors such as gravity, pregnancy and weight loss can dramatically change the shape of the female breast. Many women dream of having firm, evenly shaped breasts. Patients who have undergone breast cancer treatment desire breast reconstruction.

Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed surgeries in our practice. After the procedure, you will be socially acceptable again relatively quickly and will enjoy your new curves.


Firm breasts can sag during the natural aging process. Younger women usually opt for breast lift after breastfeeding. After the procedure, the breast looks firmer and more youthful again.

During breast lift, excess skin in the lower breast area is removed. This procedure can be combined with breast augmentation. In this case, breast implants are also used.


A very large breast can literally be very stressful. The back hurts, the skin under the breast fold is irritated, the affected women feel limited in their physical activity.

During breast reduction we remove excess breast fat, glandular tissue and skin. Your new breasts appear in harmonious proportion to your body and give you not only physical, but also emotional lightness.


After rapid, heavy weight loss or pregnancy, the skin in the abdominal area can sag. In the worst case it hangs down and causes irritation, pain, movement disorders and thus mental stress.

During abdominoplasty, we remove the excess skin (with fatty tissue) and tighten the muscles if necessary. This results in a beautiful slim line and new aesthetic contours.


You have lost a lot of weight and now suffer from sagging upper arms? Unfortunately, this problem can be eliminated neither with diet, nor with sports. Excess skin on the upper arms can only be removed surgically.

One of our most important goals with this procedure is to have the least noticeable scarring possible. Get out your sleeveless and tight-fitting clothes again and enjoy your new body image!


Massive thighs and the so-called riding pants can greatly reduce your quality of life: you feel restricted, have painful skin irritations on the inner thigh, your self-confidence suffers.

Tight thighs and harmonious body proportions do not have to remain a dream! During thigh lift surgery, we remove excess skin and fatty tissue to achieve a slimmer, shapely contour.


The decision to undergo plastic surgery in the intimate area can be made for both aesthetic and ethical reasons. Whatever you decide, we will support you and treat the subject with utmost sensitivity.

We will be happy to advise you on interventions on the labia, vagina and mons veneris - in a particularly protected setting. We guarantee you full discretion.


Plastische Chirurgie für den Mann: Auch Herren sind bei KT-Beauty gut aufgehoben. Für unsere männlichen Patienten bieten wir ästhetisch-plastische Eingriffe wie Fettabsaugung, Gynäkomastie (Brustverkleinerung beim Mann), Lidkorrektur, Doppelkinn-Korrektur, das Ohrenanlegen und das klassische Facelifting.

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